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Club Constitution

Constitution of El Dorado R/C Flyers AMA #1683 

Revised April 2015
SECTION 1. The name of this association shall be "El Dorado R/C Flyers, Inc", hereafter referred to as EDRCF. 
SECTION 1. This organization does not contemplate pecuniary gain or profit to the members thereof and is organized for nonprofit purposes. 
SECTION 2. To administer properties, purchased or leased for use as a EDRCF flying site. 
SECTION 3. To ensure that the standards of safety and sportsmanship according to the practices and recommendations of the Academy of Model Aeronautics [AMA] are observed by all participating members. 
SECTION 4. To provide an organization enabling members of the community whose interest is the designing, building and flying of radio controlled [R/C] aircraft, a means of educational and social contact. 
SECTION 5. To promote the sport of R/C aircraft flying. 
SECTION 1. A person's race, ethnic origins, religious beliefs, handicaps or gender shall not be a bar to membership in EDRCF. 
SECTION 2. All members shall maintain current membership in AMA, and shall provide proof thereof, upon demand by any EDRCF member. 
SECTION 3. Membership is divided into the following categories. 
A. Open member: Any member age 17 or older. Only Open members have voting privileges. 
B. Junior member: Any member under the age of 17. 
SECTION 4. Membership may be renewed by submitting the required documents and all dues in arrears for the current year to EDRCF as defined in the bylaws. 
SECTION 5: Membership shall be subject to the conditions and qualifications detailed on the Membership Application as approved by the Board of Directors
SECTION 1. The purpose of the Executive Board is to oversee the operation of the EDRCF. 
SECTION 2. The Board shall consist of four Open members, elected in accordance with the bylaws, and having the following general duties: 
A. President: Preside over General and Board meetings, make appointments and committee assignments as necessary, and act as the spokesperson for EDRCF in all matters. He/she shall assign duties not otherwise provided for in this section. The President shall be an EX-OFFICO member of all committees, and shall be the AMA contact. 
B. Vice-president. Shall assist the President in execution of the President's duties and assume the duties of the President in his/her absence or at his/her direction. 
C. Secretary: Shall take and maintain minutes of all General and Executive Board meetings and distribute copies to the Board, maintain current copies of the EDRCF Constitution and Bylaws, and provide a current roster for the newsletter editor, EDRCF Board and members as requested.
D. Treasurer: Shall collect all monies, keep records of monies received and disbursed, assure that monies received are deposited in financial institutions approved by the Board, and be prepared to present a current financial report at any General or Board meeting, or within 30 days written notice to competent authority. 
SECTION 3. The following positions shall be appointed by the Board. 
A. Safety Officer: Shall oversee member education and enforcement of EDRCF rules, regulations, and procedures as well as AMA safety requirements, and be available to members who wish to discuss current rules and/or suggest changes. All Board members shall have general Safety Officer authority. 
B. Field Marshal: Shall assure all EDRCF facilities are maintained properly. Report facility status to the Board as appropriate. 
C. Publicity Director: Shall assure timely publication of the EDRCF newsletter and assist in promoting club activities. 
D. Membership Director: Shall assure that all members meet current membership requirements and report membership to the Secretary and Board as appropriate. This position shall be the Treasurer's responsibility. 
SECTION 4. In the event of a single vacancy on the Board, the remaining Board members shall appoint an Open member to fill the remaining term of the office. Vacancies from the Board of two or more members requires an election per the Bylaws Article V. 
SECTION 5. The Board shall exercise the following powers, limited to the extent that they must conform to this Constitution and Bylaws: 
A. Transact any and all EDRCF business.
B. May provide arbitration when requested in writing by Open members. 
C. Unanimous Board approval is required for suspension or revocation of EDRCF membership, for any one or more of the following reasons: 
1. Failure to comply with EDRCF Constitution, Bylaws, or other EDRCF rules or regulations. 
2. Repeated violation of any flying site safety rule. 
3. Unsportsman like conduct. 
This Constitution shall be amended only by a 66 2/3 or greater percentage of all votes cast at a general or special meeting with a quorum present and with 30 days prior written notice. A quorum shall be a minimum of 20 open members.