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Club By-Laws

Revised October, 2015
The purpose of these Bylaws is to document the normal procedures of the El Dorado R/C Flyers, Inc. (EDRCF). 
SECTION 1. All EDRCF funds shall be deposited in a federally insured financial institution(s), approved by the Board. All funds shall be deposited commensurate with safety of principal and liquidity of assets. 
SECTION 2. Funds shall be established and maintained as follows: 
A. The Operations Fund shall be designated for maintenance, newsletters, notices, construction, insurance, lease payments, capital equipment and other required items in the day to day operation of EDRCF. This fund shall be administered by the Treasurer. 
B. An Event Fund may be designated for activities and events sponsored by an Events Committee as authorized by the Board. This fund shall be administered by the Committee Director with oversight by the Board. 
SECTION 3. Annual Budget and Dues: 
A. The Board shall prepare an annual budget for the coming fiscal year to be presented at the October general meeting. The budget is subject to ratification by a simple majority vote of members present at the October general meeting. The budget shall contain an estimate of all disbursements, income and cash on deposit for the coming new year. 
B. Annual dues shall be recommended by the Board and ratified by a simple majority vote, concurrent with approval of the budget and shall not reflect a deficit in the operating budget. Annual dues are due no later than December 31. Members are removed from the active member roster after December 31st. Pro-rating of dues shall be consistent with AMA's policy. For example new AMA members joining in the last three months of the year receive a membership for 15 months. Junior member's dues shall be 50% of the Open member's dues. New members joining on or after the 1st of the year, who have a new AMA membership card for the current year, shall also receive full membership privileges for the remainder of the current year. Former members, who have been removed from the roster for non payment of dues, may re-join the club at any time. They shall be treated as new members. 
SECTION 4. No special assessments shall be levied upon EDRCF members at any time except by a66 2/3 or greater percentage of the vote at a General or Special meeting with a quorum present. Notification of a proposed assessment shall be submitted to the membership in writing no less than 30 days prior to the call for a vote. 
SECTION 5. No fees or dues shall be refunded except for extenuating circumstances and with Board approval. 
SECTION 6. The fiscal year shall begin on the first day of January and end on the 31st day of December. 
SECTION 1. The President may not authorize single expenditures exceeding $100 or aggregate expenditures exceeding $200 in any fiscal quarter. Expenditures in excess of the above, but not in excess of Section 2 shall be approved by a majority of the Board. 
SECTION 2. Any single expenditure in excess of 1/10 of the total cash funds in the EDRCF treasury shall be approved by simple majority vote at a General or Special meeting with a minimum of a quorum present. 
SECTION 3. On occasion, certain opportunities for the benefit of EDRCF arise where time is of essence. The President, with Board approval, is empowered to encumber funds in excess of the amount specified in Section 2. 
SECTION 4. EDRCF members may not commit EDRCF funds without prior authorization by the President or his designee. 
SECTION 1. General meetings shall be held once each month at a designated time, place and date. Special meetings may be called by the President as necessary. 
SECTION 2. Meetings of the Board shall be held as necessary at a time and place selected by the Board. A quorum for Board meetings shall be a minimum of three members. 
SECTION 3. No quorum is required at a General or Special meeting to conduct business or to make motion. 
SECTION 4. "Robert's Rules of Order" shall be the parliamentary authority in the conduct of all meetings. 
SECTION 1. Election of Board members shall be as follows: 
A. All Open members are eligible for Board positions after one year of membership. 
B. Four Board members each serve a two year term with two being elected during odd numbered years and two being elected during even numbered years. 
C. Nominations shall be elicited from the members in attendance at the October General meeting and shall be published in the November newsletter. 
D. Two Board members shall be elected at the General meeting held in November. Votes for qualified write-in candidates shall be counted. Candidates receiving the greatest number of votes will fill the available vacancies. 
SECTION 2. Following the election of Board members, and prior to the December General meeting, the President shall call a special Board meeting for the purpose of electing from among it's members the positions cited in ARTICLE IV, SECTION 2 of the EDRCF Constitution. 
SECTION 3. Recall of Board members: 
A. A Board member(s) may be recalled by a minimum 66 2/3 or greater percentage of the vote at a General or Special meeting with a quorum present, exclusive of the affected Board member(s). 
B. Upon approval of recall, the affected Board member(s) shall be removed from the Board immediately. Vacancies shall be filled per ARTICLE IV, SECTION 4 of the Constitution. 
SECTION 1. The Board shall designate committees, as is deems necessary or appropriate to the function of the organization. Each committee shall have a Board member designated to act as director, or oversee its operation, and report its activities to the Board. 
SECTION 2. Membership in a committee shall be extended to any member unless specifically restricted by the Board. 
SECTION 3. Each committee shall have its own agenda, subject to approval by the Board. 
These Bylaws shall be amended only by a 66 2/3 or greater percentage of all votes cast at a General or Special meeting with a quorum present and with 30 days prior written notice.